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A must have for a healthy home and lifestyle!

Kelsi Boocock is a friend, recipe developer, surfer, diver and young entrepreneur. Known as HealthyKelsii on social media, she shares her fresh approach to a balanced, plant-based lifestyle.

In Kelsi's first book she shows beautiful vibrant salads, smoothie goodness and nourishing dinners, finished off with moreish treats and desserts. Kelsi draws culinary inspiration from her adventurous lifestyle - infusing her recipes with the flavours and cooking methods of Indonesia, Italy and Japan, as well as Fiji, where she spent part of her childhood. Including a dedicated section that covers staple ingredients, substitutes for those who are gluten- or nut-free and understanding your food sources, this book is a must for everyone who loves food bursting with flavour, colour and flair. Let Healthy Kelsi stimulate your taste buds and expand your cooking skills with her enthusiastic attitude to plant-based eating.

‘For me, being healthy isn't about being on some fancy diet, but more about nourishing your body and fuelling it with a variety of colourful, whole, plant-based foods.’