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We love this! If you haven't had a journal before, this is a great journal to start with.

Handsy created this beautiful daily journal to help you get outta your head and create a few mindful minutes of calm. It's the perfect addition to your morning and evening routines or the best way to create a routine that you don't need to find too much time for.

With daily use, you'll notice the beautiful benefits of gratitude, reflection, affirmations and being present. I've been using my own for the last month and have a wonderful feeling of calm to start my day and find the prompts help me settle into a more peaceful sleep.

What's in the journal?

A dive into your mindset so you can understand where you sit and where you'd like to be.

3 months of daily affirmations.

3 months of morning and evening prompts that help you feel good and reflect on your days.

Weekly check-ins and mindfulness activity with space for writing extra thoughts and feels.