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Beautiful healing Rose Quartz Gua sha face massage stone - as it is a natural crystal each one is unique. It is a scraping a tool/stone

About Gua sha

The gua sha (pronounced gwā sā) has become very popular tool over the recent years  to add to your skincare and wellness routine. While the traditional practice has been around for centuries.

It is a effective remedy for swollen or red skin. It is a scraping a tool/stone.

For beauty purposes, facial gua sha implements the same methods used on the body to improve skin issues like redness, wrinkles, muscle or joint pain and elasticity. 

How to use: 

  • First, apply your chosen serum to the face to make sure the skin is moist for the tool to easily glide over the skin. 
  • With your tool, glide over the targeted area with light pressure, going over the area in the same direction. When practicing on the body, your movements should gradually dig deeper into the skin. Don't panic if your skin becomes red or develops bruises—this will diminish over time and means your body's blood circulation is increasing.
  • Try also gliding the tool towards the body's lymph nodes to stimulate lymphatic drainage and reduce swelling in any problem areas.
  • When practicing gua sha on your face, keep the pressure light.
  • The primary way to use the tool is in a gliding motion against your skin, always pulling up. It's important to remember to glide with the flat side of the stone rather than the slender edge—about a 30-degree angle. Some people may prefer the edge for a more rigorous scrape. But be gentle to your skin.
  • Some people recommend cooling the tool, but we recommend a warm hand tool to encourage the blood flow, you could follow with a cooled stone to soothe when you are finished.