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Treat & Co's original NZ Zipper Pocket Turkish Towels. It is super light weight, ideal for taking to the beach and on holiday.

In 2020 our Treat & Co founder experienced someone go through their bag while swimming at a local beach. She watched the person pull out all her belongings from her see-through knitted bag. It was obvious the person was looking for something valuable to steal and made Maria very nervous every time she went swimming in a public place. It was then the Zipper Pocket Turkish Towel was made!

The towel was created with a zipper pocket to hide your keys, phone, card/cash, sunglasses or jewellery in, while swimming at the beach or poolside on holiday.  Pop your items in, zip it, roll it and disguising your valuables from anyone to see!

Plus you'll never loose your earrings in the sand again!

It is super soft, compact, light weight, absorbent and quick-drying. Perfect for trips to the beach.

100% Natural Cotton

80cm x 180cm

Available in 7 colours!

Made in Turkey